Zion National Park 101


Located in southwest Utah, Zion National Park is a great place to visit for anyone from the avid outdoor lover to the city dweller wanting to escape the bustle of city life for a while. If you’re planning on visiting Zion National Park, whether you’ve been there before or not, here are a few tips that might make your trip go more smoothly.
Before you plan your trip, it’s important to be up to date on the current conditions of the park. Nearly all of the activities you can participate in at Zion depend very much on the current weather as well as the time of year you’re planning on going. For information on park hours, shuttle schedules, road conditions, and information on the hikes at Zion, Zion National Park Guide is a great resource to use. Not only does it have information on current conditions and operating hours, it also has information on the history of the park, ways to get involved through donations and volunteering, and even features webcams where you can view portions of the park in real time.
In terms of deciding where to stay during your trip, there are several options. The most obvious option is to camp out. There are several different campgrounds that are available for tent, trailer, and RV use. They’re equipped with bathrooms, trash containers, fire pits and tables, and there are options to camp next to the Virgin River. For more information, check out this page on their website. If you’re not up for camping, there are plenty of hotels in the nearby town of Springdale, and if you’re looking to stay in the park without putting up a tent, there’s always the option of staying at Zion Lodge, which is the only in-park  lodging available.
As with any outdoor excursion, it’s important have plenty of water, proper clothing, and appropriate footwear for any activities you may participate in. As long as you prepare and plan ahead, there’s no reason why a trip to Zion National Park shouldn’t be your next vacation destination.

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