Zika Coloring Book to Fight the Bite

St. Louis publisher releases Zika Coloring book for educators, organizations, health agencies and parents to educate on the mosquito born virus known as Zika.

Zika Virus -Fight the Bite is a 16 page selfwrap coloring book, including full color covers, with extensive information and colorable line art pictures on details about Zika. The book is designed as an educational aid to assist in the prevention of exposure to the mosquito born virus.

Bell’s book publishing company, Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc., (RBCB) established in 1988, has made itself into a leading firm in the manufacturing of children’s book products with global distribution. Each year the company produces millions of books and creates products on a variety of topics from concept to consumer. Bell stated, “Making products on subjects that affect the nation, even in the health industry is a very natural process for our staff and company. We are recognizing input from our current customers and provide educational material in coloring book format. The books are accurate, easy to understand and complete enough for consumers to take action based on the information presented.” The Zika Virus – Fight the Bite book has enough information to help defend against the mosquito born illness. Included are internet links and phone contacts to guide consumers to sources for extensive details about Zika.

The 8.5″ x 11″ sized book with full color covers and real pictures of the mosquito villain is a 16 page self wrap books and priced at only $1.49. It is available immediately at the company’s main website http://www.coloringbook.com. Topics include: Mosquito bite prevention, types of mosquito repellents, the mosquito life cycle, protection from mosquito bites, pregnant and traveling, history of Zika virus, including a Zika quiz and what you can do. Full information on the book was gathered from medical sources, both local and national such as health departments and the Center for Disease Control.

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