Washington DC In A Weekend

Take a tour of the nation’s inner workings for the vacation of a lifetime. With so many things to do and so much historical significance, Washington DC is one destination you have to explore. Partake in the beauty of the older buildings and bask in the presence of what your free America was founded on. Here are some ideas for your next weekend trip (or more if you have the time) to the place of your forefathers.


Walk the halls of the beloved and honored Smithsonian museum by booking with a company like SkyHawkLimo.com. The various museums of the area cover everything from art to space. Learn about where humans came from and where we can go. Partake in the magic of the IMAX for fantastic informational films. This is a great weekend to learn a little more about the nation, in all different aspects.

Kennedy Center Show

Catch a show at the Kennedy Center or Wolftrap Farm Park. In the summer, both entities offer lots of great deals to see some of the best artists. Lounge at a night in the park or class it up at the symphony. Either way, these places are known for their amazing sound and atmosphere. Take part in the buzz of the DC nightlife while tuning out the world for an hour during a show to remember.

Hike At Great Falls Park

Or even take a limo to all of the different places to relax. Walk at the park or lake for some kayaking and sun. Catch up on your reading and get a little down time between activities. This is a great place to spend lunch – out in the open air. You might not have known that this area offers everything outdoor related from rock climbing to hiking to horseback riding. For a good workout that means something, visit a park. Skip the boring old treadmill for a couple of days, and reconnect with Mother Nature at her finest.

Trip Tips

·       Here are ways to make this trip more enjoyable. Make sure to take a tour guide or to pick up some maps and sight seeing guides of the area. DC can be confusing if you are unsure about the one-way streets and traffic times to avoid. Come prepared.

·       Remember to bring your phone and computer chargers. It is not very fun to wake up late because you forgot to plug in the phone. Stay connected on your tip to make it more relaxing. After all, having a cell phone on hand always gives peace of mind in a new area.

·       Book a limousine with skyhawklimo.com. The driver can show you around so that you don’t get lost or worry about taking a taxi. This is basically a clean, full day taxi if you need it, perfect for a good-sized group or just one.

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