Visiting New England

New England

A visit to New England should be on every serious traveler’s list of places to go. This charming region has something for everyone. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the forests, mountains, and coastline that are constantly changing through each of the four seasons. Those who enjoy sightseeing will find numerous historic homes, battlefields, museums, and tours. There are also many festivals and events throughout the year that draw in many travelers. Adventure lovers will find plenty to do at any time of year such as cycling, snow skiing, or a kayaking trip.
New England is made up of six states: Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. This region is particularly famous for its beautiful fall foliage and the height of tourist season extends through the summer and the fall. Winter is also a popular time, particularly for those that snow ski. The region has amazing diversity of landscape and it doesn’t take long to travel from one place to another. Boston’s Logan International Airport is a convenient arrival point for those traveling by plane. All the major highways run through this area making it easy to get to your final destination.
Accommodations are plentiful in this region that is well known for its hospitality. Besides Boston, some of the popular destinations in Massachusetts are Cape Cod and the Berkshires. Classy Berkshire’s Lodging makes it easy to relax and enjoy an area particularly well known for its fine arts and cultured entertainment. Just to the south, Rhode Island is another destination well known for the arts as well as its beautiful scenery and exquisite vineyards. No matter where you start your trip, going from state to state may not be as much of a hassle as it sounds, be sure to explore all of the amazing opportunities that are just a short drive away.
Though many experiences are common throughout the region, each state has its own unique contribution.  New Hampshire is a great place to taste some real maple syrup and enjoy a view of the greater New England area from the top of the White Mountains. Vermont is full of picturesque farms and is known for its great snow skiing and as the home of the famous Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company. Main, the largest state of the area, boasts a breathtaking coastline and is a popular destination for bird watchers. And furthest south, Hartford, Connecticut, is a perfect destination for antique collectors and is home of the award-winning Mystic Aquarium.
No trip to New England would be complete without taking time to sample the fresh local cuisine. New England is famous for its clam chowder and real maple syrup. Fresh produce is abundant lending itself to amazing apple cider and homemade pies and soups. There are also win tours available for sampling the local vineyards.

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