Unique Places to Visit in San Francisco

The city by the bay attracts tourists from all over the world who flock to the coast to take in the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, and ride the trolley cars. These tips of places to enjoy that are a bit off the beaten path will hopefully provide you some much needed respite from the crowds.

If you like history and architecture, Mission Dolores and historic cemetery San Fransisco are both located just south of the upscale Nob Hill Neighborhood. The Mission is the oldest building in the City of San Francisco, and it is situated in hilly Dolores Park, which provides excellent city views. Grace Cathedral was modeled after Notre Dame in Paris. Features to take in include the Rose Window, Doors of Paradise, and the Marble Labyrinth.

Eclectic neighborhoods such as Chinatown and Haight Ashbury can really give you different perspectives of the city. Avoid driving to Chinatown because it is impossible to find parking. The cable car will get you there. The fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco. Once in Chinatown, go to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company and watch how it’s done. Haight Ashbury saw it’s heyday in the 1960’s, with Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin making the rounds. It still has roots in the hippie culture that are still visible.

For museums, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is not exactly off the beaten path, but it is a must see. This museum houses the second largest and most impressive contemporary collection outside of New York City.

Cable cars are much fun in San Francisco, but there is something that may be even more fun than riding them. That activity can be found at Powell and Market Streets. This is where the turntables are located. The conductor and the grip person have to work together to move the car around for the return trip! If you are interested in learning more about the cable cars, you should visit the Cable Car Museum and take in some of the earlier cars that are on display.

A boutique hotel that is off the tourist radar for the most part is Hotel Vertigo, and it is in the Nob Hill area. It is modeled after the Hitchcock film, as you can see Golden Gate Bridge from the views. They run the movie on one channel constantly. It’s great fun!

A classically kitschy restaurant that is a crowd pleaser is located inside the Fairmont Hotel. You are looking for the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar. There is a floating band, and indoor monsoons. Need I say more?

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