Total Solar Eclipse Over Belitung Island to Cause Darkness, Influx of Tourists

March 9, 2016 Path over Belitung Island

A total solar eclipse will take place over a fine stretch between the Pacific Ocean and Java Sea on March 9, 2016.

One of the areas that will be widely affected is the remote Island of Belitung which lies off Jakarta’s coastline. The chief of Belitung’s tourism office (Mr. Jasagung) announced, “We expect around 100 American tourists all the way from San Francisco, USA and many others from different countries to come to their island and watch this historic event.”

Scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States said the center of the eclipse will run from east to west on the northern portion of this Island. It will cross Sumatra at daybreak, followed by Belitung Island, Sulawesi (an island east of Borneo), Java Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Belitung Island is off Sumatra’s east coast and bordered by the Karimata and Gaspar Straits. It has a colorful scenery, pristine beaches, crystal white waters, and splendid formations of granite on shallow shorelines.

According to NASA, this full solar eclipse indicates the sun will be covered entirely by the moon for a maximum period of two minutes and 12 seconds. It will cover Belitung at 7:24 am.  The Agency is monitoring this event closely and will provide regular updates prior to the date of the solar eclipse.

Tropical Sails Corp, a prominent tour operator, is offering tourists a package of four days and three nights. Accommodations will be at a 3.5 star hotel (US standards) plus a day tour of Belitung, Lengkuas, Sand, Sailing Rock, and Kepayang Islands. Guests can swim and snorkel while relishing the beautiful scenery. They can also view the marine life composed of different species of fish and Sea Star or big red starfish. The sumptuous menu consists of grilled fish and shrimps along with local delicacies.

Tropical Sails Corp has been an acknowledged leader in Solar Eclipse Expeditions since 1991.  The package cost is very affordable price at $299 per person with double-occupancy rooms, food and guided tour. The agency also has a pre-tour package of two nights for Jakarta as well as a six-night tour for Bali.

To view the eclipse, the tourists must be within the middle or north to south where the darkness will be longer and not at the sides where it is expected to be shorter. Staying in the center allows spectators to witness the eclipse for the entire duration.

Tropical Sails is also offering three Total Solar Eclipse tours for August 21 of 2017. This time the venue will be in North America. There is also a premium coach tour to Yellowstone and Teton Springs, Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, and brief fly-in tour from Salt Lake City to Teton Valley, Idaho, USA.

For any inquiries and more information, contact Tropical Sails Corp at 623-444-8195 or 800-595-1003, or visit their website at

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