Top Things To See In New Orleans

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Every year, millions of people travel to New Orleans to experience the time honored tradition known as Mardi Gras where brightly colored beads are dropped from balconies to party goers below. There is another side to this city that is rich in history as told by Victorian mansions and plantations with extensive grounds that are embedded with moss covered oak trees. The world famous French Quarters, miles of bayous and mysterious legends of Voodoo magic are only a few of the many charms that await people who explore this diverse city.
The long rows of streets in the French Quarters provide an unforgettable walk through the narrow streets of New Orleans. The daylight hours display Spanish inspired architecture with tiers of balconies lined with wrought iron in an intricate lace pattern. Outdoor cafes serve beignets, warm coffee and gumbo while shoppers weave in and out of tiny boutiques. Jackson Square, established in the 1700’s, is a beautiful park that proudly displays a statue of its namesake, Andrew Jackson. Every year the French Quarter Festival is held in Jackson Square during the month of April where local artists perform and large pots of fresh crawfish are enjoyed while sipping a cool Mint Julep. City Park is over 1000 acres and is packed with activities from bike riding and fishing to indoor activities such as The Museum of Art. Families activities include playgrounds, an amusement park and a train garden. At night, the sound of bands playing accordions and brass instruments draw people to the world famous Bourbon Street for a party that lasts into the morning hours. The Garden District is known for stately mansions built with money made from cotton and sugar. Guided New Orleans tours take visitors in to a world of nineteenth century homes with ornate gardens and porches with grand columns. St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is an historic landmark that is home to the famous Marie Laveaux, Voodoo Priestress and a history bought to life by tombs and the stories behind them.
Cypress trees and the swamps go hand in hand in New Orleans  Swamp tours show the abundance of wildlife as boats cruise past fishing villages and visitors learn about the Cajun culture in the bayou. Steamboat cruises along the Mississippi River are a timeless adventure in themselves. Day cruises offer some of the best views of New Orleans while guests enjoy the sounds of jazz music and learn about the city, past and present. An evening cruise is complimented with true Cajun dinning and an unforgettable view of New Orleans at night.

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