The Sweetest Day of the Summer: August 22nd is National Eat-A-Peach Day


The Sweetest Day of the Summer: August 22nd is National Eat-A-Peach Day

Enjoy Summer’s Harvest Now and Year-Round Thanks to Locally-Grown, Canned California Cling Peaches

Sacramento, CA, August 22nd, 2016—From letting the juice run down our faces to beloved family recipes and a myriad of peachisms, Americans clearly have a love affair with peaches. And there is no better way to celebrate the flavors of summer than to honor this iconic fruit with National Eat-a-Peach Day.

While Georgia may be the “Peach State,” it is California’s lush Central Valley that produces nearly 90 percent of all of the Cling Peaches that are frozen or packed in cans, jars and fruit cups so that peach lovers can enjoy those just-picked flavors year-round. Hand-picked at the peak of ripeness and packed within 24 hours, California Cling Peaches offer year- round summer flavor. In fact, many of the restaurants that offer complimentary peach cobbler and slices of pie on August 22nd, often do so thanks to the goodness and convenience of California’s finest.

“I’m from a peach-growing family, so I know that there are only three ways to get a really good peach: out of your own backyard, from your local farmer’s market, or from a can,” says Registered Dietitian Susan Micheli. “National Eat-A-Peach Day is a great reminder that the fresh season is very short and to savor it. To me, the beauty of canned is that you can enjoy a delicious, nutritious peach any time, while supporting a locally grown product.”

Micheli knows her science. Thanks to a study conducted by Oregon State University (OSU) and the Linus Pauling Institute, the California Cling Peach industry has proven what family peach growers have known all along: California canned peaches are nutritionally equivalent to their fresh counterparts, and some nutrients—Folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Antioxidants—increase thanks to the canning process. For more information on the study, visit: or


Founded in 1996, The California Cling Peach Board is a California State Marketing Order, issued in furtherance of the desire of California’s cling peach growers to create an environment that enhances the use of cling peaches through promotion, advertising, consumer education, production and marketing research, establishment of grades and standards, and compilation of industry statistics.


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