The Quantum Group Inc. Achieve Patent Number 11

Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, February 8th 2016 – Grace Century’s Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) Project, the Quantum Group, has been granted another patent for innovation by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office – it’s 11th in total – for a submission entitled “System and Method for Providing Integrated Wellness Assessment” which was originally filed in in early 2013. The gaining of this patent is particularly valuable to the company as it enhances the usefulness of one of it’s previous landmark patents, known as The Quantum Quotient™ or QX2 ™.

The Quantum Quotient ™ enabled the gathering, compilation, design and utilization of a multi-component healthcare index to track a patient’s improvement or deterioration in wellness using a number of key metrics and the resulting QX2 score in effect can become the healthcare equivalent to a financial credit score, such as FICO® owned by the Fair Isaac Corporation to measure wellness. The new patent further expands the core possibilities of QX2 by adding a third dimension into the core by incorporating factors such as the social implications or one’s lifestyle, including factors such as persons associated with, where the patient goes and the type of events they attend, enabling even more accurate and insightful profiling of that persons’ future individual wellness record and taking the use and benefits of data mining to an unprecedented level.

Scott Wolf, CEO and Director of Research for Grace Century, said “Quantum’s 11th patent once again illustrates their innovation and excellence in the field of electronic health records. The new patent further empowers their core platform to have components that cannot be replicated, placing them are the forefront of their industry.”

Quantum management is very hopeful that this innovation can be a game changer in what is an enormous industry in the USA today – latest figures suggest that the wellness industry is worth over over $3.3 trillion (USD) representing 17.7% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and over $7.2 trillion (USD) globally, representing 10.6% of global GDP.


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