The Amsterdam Film festival’s Van Gogh for Documentary Directing goes to “The Reality Of Truth” filmmakers Mike “Zappy” Zapolin and Laurent Levy

Mike Zapolin, best known as “Zappy”, recently won “best director award” for his documentary film The Reality Of Truth”. The acclaimed documentary features Michelle Rodriguez, Deepak Chopra,  Joel Osteen, Dr. Drew, Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson, Foster Gamble, and many more.  Zappy and his unique group of friends make a passionate pitch for everyone to take the time to go inside their own mind for answers and healing.  

In the film Zappy and Michelle Rodriguez travel to Peru with a group of friends to sit with a shaman and drink San Pedro and Ayahuasca, two of the most powerful psychedelics known to man.  Zappy has guided others, including members of royalty, Wall Street executives, and top thought leaders to explore the depths of their own minds.  All of these people have explained the experience as being one of the most profound of their entire lives.  “We call ourselves Psychenaut’s, the idea is astronauts go to outerspace to explore, Psychenauts go inside their own mind, which turns out is even more infinite” says Zappy.

Our goal in making the film is to take away some of the fear people have about going inside their own minds, and to share first hands experiences of people embarking on this journey, whether through plant medicine or meditation”. During the making of the film, a miraculous turn of events occurred when one of the people involved in the film is inspired by their inner exploration to create a medically-licensed spa in Costa Rica called Rythmia, where people can explore these ancient practices in the comfort and safety of a high quality resort. “Michelle and I have spoken for years about wanting to open up a place in Costa Rica where like-minded people can come to raise their level of consciousness, and bam it happened.”

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