Boyz Record Label is proud to present two new singles that have been released days apart on May 17th and 20th. “Blue City” ft. Rez and “Thousand Dollar,” both produced by Shah Major, feature Shiest City and his iconic vocals. They are now available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and the official website.

Shiest City is the epitome of a self-made rapper. Hustling in the streets and freestyling in public rap battles while growing up ensured that Shiest City’s raw talent turned into formidable skill. In addition, his exposure to the many musical influences of the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural boroughs of New York City ensured that Shiest City’s music would be original and innovative, yet grounded in solid beats, flow, and style. And it has.

Boyz Records and Shiest City are therefore pleased to announce the worldwide release of two new singles, “Blue City” and “Thousand Dollar.”

In “Blue City,” Shiest City, with the help of Rez, explores his love of New York City, and his embrace of the gangster lifestyle, starting from nothing and advancing until his ambition allows him to gain control over the city. No one can compare to his prowess or ability. Shiest is ahead of the game and “Blue City” captures that raw emotion.

Rez, a talented rapper who loves experimenting with different sounds. Rez’s first breakthrough into the rap scene occurred in 2011 when he stormed Webster Hall in New York City with Shiest City. His past history with Shiest City has led to a powerful track that is designed to bring out the real character of Brooklyn and the gangster lifestyle.

In “Thousand Dollar,” Shiest describes how he is going to use his newfound money and wealth. Money by itself does not ensure wealth, but it provides the ability to leverage money into once-in-a-lifetime experiences, which Shiest will be sure to replicate.

Shiest City currently boasts an impressive library of original and mixed singles covering a wide range of musical styles and influences, including hits like, “So Loud,” “Life Like This” ft. Jadakiss & Dyce Payne, “Politics,” and more. All released media can be viewed on the official SoundCloud for Shiest City.

“I see a great opportunity with Sheist City, which will most definitely open the doors for more opportunities in different genres as well,” said President Justin Novel of Boyz Records. “Shiest’s comfort in various genres, as well as the trust and loyalty he and Boyz Records share, is a winning combination that is sure to lead to great things in the near future.”

“Discovering talent has always been something that I have had an eye for. I always keep up on talented people to see where they are focusing their energy and if it is consistent and efficient,” said Vice President Brianna Hetherington of Boyz Records. “Shiest City’s wide discography to date, which will only grow as time goes on, shows his dedication to his craft and his ability to focus his energies into a wide range of topics. Few musicians can tackle different song styles and Shiest City is one of them.”

For further information on Shiest City, please email or reach out to Briana Hetherington from Boyz Records at

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