Retire in Panama and Live a Good Life

If there’s one country that has become a retirement haven of many Americans and Europeans, then this country must be Panama. Many people most especially the retirees have discovered many wonderful things about this gem of Central America. You can be able to live a good life when you retire in Panama as the country has so much to offer. Below are some of the reasons why Panama is a great place for retirement and a brilliant venue to grow old with the people you love.

Low Cost of Living – This is perhaps the main reason why many people retire in Panama. You can be able to spend less for your basic needs and truly stretch your retirement funds to the fullest. Food, clothing, electricity and healthcare are all cheap. Many retirees are able to afford luxury items and many other things that are priced expensively when living in countries like the US or UK.
Booming Economy – Sure, Panama is still considered as third world but the country is developing positively thanks to its Panama Canal that plays significantly in the country’s growth. This famous canal is also slated for expansion along with many other development and infrastructure projects that will further give Panama an economic boost. New road projects, new international airports, mining projects, energy generation projects and many more simply show that Panama is accelerating positively.
Modern Healthcare – Panama’s healthcare system and medical practitioners are comparable to that in the United States and Canada. The country therefore prides itself in its medical tourism. Many Americans go to Panama for certain medical procedures that may otherwise be priced expensively in the US. Health care insurance can be as low as $60 a month while a doctor’s consultation only costs $10. Panama is a country where one can avail of modern and reliable health care cheaply.
Business Opportunities – As the country continues to grow and as more and more people come to Panama for pleasure and retirement, there are plenty of opportunities out there for the businessman. There are American retirees who have set up of their own businesses such as restaurants, coffee farms, cleaning services, hotels and many more.
Natural Beauty – Panama is home to beautiful beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and a lush rainforest. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can either unwind at the beach or go on a nature hike. Panama quenches that thirst for the outdoors with lots of outdoor activities such as zip lining, mountain climbing, surfing, parasailing and many more. Scenic locations, colorful culture and beautiful people all contribute to the beauty that is Panama.
These are some of the things that have drawn a lot of people to retire in Panama. There’ still so much more to discover and see things through your own perspective. Visit this country and meet American expats who are already living in Panama. See for yourself what makes Panama so special and most certainly one of the best countries to retire to.

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