Pursuing Dreams: Belong Designs Founders Quit their 9-5pm Jobs

Denver, CO February 4th, 2016:  Starting from humble beginnings, 3 best friends, college roomates, of Belong Designs started the company in 2013 with 40 T-shirts at the Colorado School of Mines during their senior year of a Mechanical Engineering Curriculum. Now they have grown into one of Colorado’s premier lifestyle apparel brands with an affluent local following that is quickly branching outside Colorado.
Belong Founders (From Left to Right): Ben Thomson, Shamus McNutt, Mark GrubbsBelong Founders (left to right): Ben Thomson, Shamus McNutt, Mark Grubbs

The 3 Founders, Shamus McNutt, Ben Thomson, and Mark Grubbs, attribute much of their early success to friends, family, their 30+ athletes that they sponsor, and their incredible fans that continually support through social media and as return customers. The company was able to hit the $100K eCommerce sales mark during their very first full fiscal year in 2014. They plan to really make a huge push into the wholesale/retail market after discovering how well their brand pushed online.

Belong Founders and Taylor Stolte Skiing at Mary Jane on a “Sick Day”

As of January 18th, 2016, the three founders quit their day jobs as Project Managers for a Construction/Engineering Firm and have transitioned to full time roles with Belong Designs. “It has been a terrifying, amazing, whirlwind of an experience transitioning from the 9-5pm job to working everyday with your two best friends, working from 7am-8pm doing what you love and fighting for your well being”, said Shamus. “Its been incredible to see how fast time flies when you’re doing what you love and feel passionate about. Its as if there are not enough hours in the day! I wake up itching to work at our dream and stay up in bed thinking about how awesome the previous day was, anxiously waiting to see what tomorrow holds”. Belong currently has 3 employees/interns working for them beyond the founders. These individuals handle some marketing, media, and some clothing design. “We will be looking to hire on many more creative, web developers, engineers, and business related individuals”, Mark Grubbs, Creative Director, explained.  Looking into the future, Belong plans to open an office in Denver in 2-3 months and a storefront in RiNo, LoDo, Golden, or Boulder in 6months.

Mickey Wilson, Professional Belong SlackLine Athlete//Photo: Nathan Minatta

Belong Designs was founded on the fundamental, yet simple mission that when you follow your passions in life, you realize where you Belong! This single statement was the first idea put to paper prior to the logos, prior to the shirt designs, even prior to the business plans. “If you don’t have a mission that you full-heartedly back/feel passionate about, you will not be able to make it through the sleepless nights of work, followed by the days of generating relationships”, said Ben Thomson. “My biggest piece of advice to any entrepreneur that is starting up a business is to follow what you feel passionate about. If you follow only the money, you’ll lose interest/hate your job quickly. Do what you love and the success and money will follow”.

AcroYoga Belong Athlete Michelle Griffith in Moab, UT

Follow your passion. Do What you Love. Find Where you Belong.

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