Photonic Associates, LLC High Voltage Battery Charge Model 300

December 12, 2015 — Santa Fe, NM — Dr. Claude Phipps, Photonic Associates, LLC announces development of the model 300 high voltage battery charger, for professionals only.

Maximum starting charge current with this 4.8kW unit is 20ADC. It will charge the 25kWh Nissan Leaf battery to 80% of full charge in 5 hours. Output is 340V DC max.

Just connect the clips, set the “Vset” vernier knob to the desired level based on its calibration curve and turn it on. When it’s done, the “charge complete” light comes on and a buzzer will sound.

Price shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.: $2,450.

Delivery: 2-3 weeks normally.

PALLC chargers begin at $900 — see
All fit into the same compact, 4” x 8” x 10” package and weigh 10 lb. or less.

Contact: Claude Phipps, 505-466-3877 or

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