Paul Johannssbeurg and His legacy

Marquis Paul Johannssbeurg, born in 1975, is a member of a very influential and wealthy French and Norwegian aristocracy. His father, born in Oslo in 1943, Marquis Emille Johannssbeurg-Neuhaus until his death was residing in Switzerland and has achieved academic and financial success in the pharmaceutical industry. His mother Marie Françoise Radziwil, came from a very important princely family of Radziwil. She was very much involved in humanitarian aid to the third world countries. She graduated the prestigious school Des Beax Artes in Paris. She died tragically in a car accident in Lausanne in 2004. A drunk driver drove the van onto her lane. Her son, Paul, who was also a victim of the accident, spent nearly five months in a hospital in Zurich, recovering after a long coma. Doctors did not give him a chance, but they were doing all their best. Today, Marquis Paul enjoys health and continues humanitarian work in the Third World.

Paul Kristoff von Johannssbeurg residing in Paris travels a lot and looks for opportunities to develop his charitable activity. Many years ago, the French media commented critically on his official waiver for the Marquis title. The reasons were personal and never fully disclosed to the public. Paul von Johannssbeurg has conducted its own anthropological research in the Middle East for a long time. He obtained the doctoral degree in medicine and anthropology. He speaks very well Arabic, Persian, German and Italian. He taught at the Sorbonne in Paris and the University of Beirut in Lebanon under an assumed name for his own safety. He is a regular Human Rights expert at the European Parliament in Brussels – Belgium.

Due to bad experience with the European press Paul Kristoff von Johannssbeurg avoids interviews and does not appear officially in the media. He is trying to live away from the media hype. Few years ago, his father was seriously ill and we all wonder if Paul’s son will take over the management of the huge estate owned by his father. According to documents, however, many years ago (the exact date is not known for the legal reasons) Paul Kristoff von Johannssbeurg waived for his rights to the estates and to the title Marquis because of personal reasons, as previously mentioned.

Currently, he stays in the United States. He builds schools and health centers in the poorest African countries of the world. The very foundation avoids publicity at the express request of its founder. The official website shows general information only.

The motto of Paul Kristoff von Johannssbeurg:


He strongly refuses to accept any awards and titles. He is regarded in aristocratic circles as extremely charming dreamer of a better world. The French press associated him many times with the most beautiful women, but his personal life remains a fortress. Recently he showed up in public in winter 2011 at the UNESCO gala in Paris. He avoided journalists and no one was able to conduct an interview with him. There is even a belief among French journalists that anyone who could interview Marquis Paul deserves all the awards in journalism. For what? For the patience.

We will surely hear more about a character such as Marquis Paul Kristoff. He criticized Western nations for being too slow in matters of poverty and for increasing the budget for military purposes in Rio de Janeiro at the UN Rio+20 summit in June 2012. The UN Secretary-General was not spared either – Paul von Johannssbeurg bashed him for intellectual and practical, as he called it, laziness. Despite the critical speeches of Marquis Paul von Johannssbeurg, the UN Secretary-General personally thanked him for his concern for the poorest countries of the world.

What do we know about Marquis Paul? He likes good music, art, and good cuisine. What music and what cuisine – no one knows.

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