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Nepal Art and Culture in the Spotlight at Couture Fashion Week New York

New York 1/15, 2016.  Located at the “Rooftop of the World,” Nepal’s natural beauty is legendary.Fashionistas are looking forward to the upcoming season of Couture Fashion Week [...]

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Total Solar Eclipse Over Belitung Island to Cause Darkness, Influx of Tourists

A total solar eclipse will take place over a fine stretch between the Pacific Ocean and Java Sea on March 9, 2016.One of the areas that will be widely affected is the remote Island of Belitung which l [...]

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PBS Misses Its Mark in Manufactured Housing Story

NewsHour Tale of Rising Lot Rents Fails Litmus Test of Logic/Context LAKELAND, Fla. January 11, 2016 --  The premise may have seemed promising to reporter/producer Stephen Fee when he embark [...]

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