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Institute of Dance Artistry Announces New Plymouth Meeting PA Studio Party

The Institute of Dance Artistry is pleased to announce our New Studio Party, celebrating the grand opening of IDA's brand new Plymouth Meeting studio. Dancers and dance parents get to meet our profess [...]

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Dr. Michael K. Obeng will preform a miraculous surgery on Sarjo Trawally, a 4-year-old girl from Gambia with a life threatening facial Cystic Hygroma

 From the anointed mind to the gifted hands of Dr. Michael K. Obeng, miracles have come true for many that cannot afford surgeries in third-world countries with poverty beyond understanding.BEVER [...]

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CRAVING CRUSHER: Introduces Vegan Line for the ⅓ of Consumers who Crave Plant Based Foods

Miami, Florida: The market is demanding vegan products that taste great and do not give up any moral standards.  As noted from an article on Latest Vegan News, plant-based options are everywhere [...]

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