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Author Nick Olsen’s new book “Healing Words, Healing Heart, For a Loving Soul” is a moving collection of poems that convey hope, encouragement, love and understanding.

Nick Olsen, a dedicated writer and advocate of meditation, has completed his new book “Healing Words, Healing Heart, For a Loving Soul”:  a calming and spiritual assemblage of poetry [...]

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Researchers Suspect that the Launch of Western Civilization Came with a Soundtrack

The pursuit of supernatural sound effects may be what drove the building of the first megalithic monuments and subsequent changes that shaped our world.  Archaeoacoustics: a new multi-disciplinar [...]

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Lost 2000 Open Championship Caddie Hall of Fame footage has been found To Help Grow The Game & Team PCA seeks PGA & LPGA Leadership

**** BREAKING GOLF / OPEN NEWSSet back and enjoy a WALK through history and great stories from our 2000 Caddie Hall of Fame inductees -SEE and SHARE here> [...]

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