New Toon Studio Princess and Zombie Car Sneakerskins Launching at the Magic Show Feb 2016

Sneakerskins, LLC of Simi Valley CA and The Toon Studio of Beverly Hills have entered into an agreement to create a New Line of Toon Studio Sneakerskins featuring Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Zombie Cars to be unveiled at this year’s Magic Show in Las Vegas, Feb 16th to Feb 18th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Sneakerskins™ is a decorative shoe cover designed to fit over any size sneaker or shoe. The Toon Studio of Beverly Hills owns the rights to all The Grimm’s Fairy Tale characters Snow White, Cinderella Sleeping Beauty and many more. Our License includes 3 of their brands and Sneakerskins™ is launching with the 3 “Princesses” for girls and the “Zombie Cars” for boys. The collection will include 7 individual Sneakerskins™ and two trio packages one with 3 Princesses and one with 3 Zombie cars. These will also come in “Glow-in-the-Dark” and Rainskins tm.


For more information about Sneakerskins, LLC or to find out about the New Line visit our booth 74045 at the Magic Show Playground or contact Dave Rolfe, President at or 617-388-9109.

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