My Calorie Limit App Debuts on Apple App Store


The app helps users calculate how many calories they should be eating to meet their goal weight.

LINDOME, Sweden—My Calorie Limit is proud to announce its debut on Apple’s App Store. Developed by Tony Stahl, the app helps people struggling to lose weight calculate how many calories they should be eating each day in order to meet their fitness goals.

“I originally created My Calorie Limit in an effort to help my father lose weight,” said Stahl. “My dad has been overweight most of his adult life, and I didn’t want him to pass away at an early age because of his weight issues.”

Stahl went to work creating mathematical equations to determine how many calories people should eat each day to reach their specific weights goals. He tested the calculations on himself first, and once he found success, introduced them to his father and girlfriend.

Stahl lost 50 pounds, his father lost 90 pounds and his girlfriend lost 25 pounds—all within a matter of months.

“Once I saw how well my calculations worked on me and my family, I realized they could probably help a lot of other people as well,” said Stahl. “That’s when I got the idea to create an app.”

The app features three slider menus for users to set their current weight, goal weight and current physical activity level. Once these sliders are set, the app automatically calculates how many calories a person needs to consume to reach his or her goal weight.

“I wanted the app to be as simple as possible so that everybody could use it,” Stahl said.

My Calorie Counter is free. To download, visit For more information about My Calorie Counter, visit

“I’m confident my app will help people lose weight,” said Stahl. “All they have to do is download it and see for themselves.”


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