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Maui Solar Project (MSP) teams up with Ed Venture at the University of Hawaii Maui College to conduct a 3 day intensive battery training course

KAHULUI, Maui January 8, 2016 –. The recent changes in Net Metering prompted MSP President Josh Porter to create a cutting edge battery training program for his solar team. Maui Solar Project worked with the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) to create a curriculum that would be relevant in the evolving solar market. The class, Battery Storage for a New Hawaii PV Scenario, was a 3 day intensive training course on batteries. Josh and MSP staff worked closely with SLIM to craft the course and give their team the most knowledge possible to carry Maui forward in reaching their 100% renewable energy goals by 2045.

“Hawaii just sanctioned renewable energy storage in a huge way and changed the U.S. solar industry forever with three new programs, all of which incentivize batteries. We wanted our team to be ready for this new era and the forward thinking members of SLIM helped us accomplish these goals,” said MSP President Josh Porter.

The class, taught by Lyman Morikawa, Owner and Head Engineer at Morikawa & Associates, LLC, was an in-depth look at sizing Off-Grid systems using different types of battery technology. MSP took 13 members of their team to attend training.

“We opened up the enrollment to our sales team, canvassers, and administration. We wanted our entire team to be equipped to communicate to the general public and explain how these systems will integrate into our new PV environment,” said VP of Operations Emily Erickson. “Mr. Morikawa is incredibly knowledgeable in the PV world, we gained an enormous amount of information and insight into the industry from him.”

The Public Utility Commission approved solar program,s listed below, have brought concerns to many solar companies on Maui. MSP sees this as the next phase in the industry and we are ready to offer our clients new options for saving money and going green today:

  • Self-supply: Consume all of the solar energy you generate, and don’t sell anything back to the grid. This option incentivizes energy storage, as the excess solar energy generated during the day can be saved for use at night.
  • Grid-supply: Consume all of the energy you generate, and sell the excess back into the grid at a reduced rate. This option also incentivizes storage because the savings received by using the energy yourself are greater than the savings from selling the energy back into the grid at a wholesale rate.
  • Time-of-use rates: This rate structure allows customers with solar and storage to benefit from energy arbitrage – generate and store energy when it’s cheap, use energy when it’s expensive.

For more information on solar and going off-grid contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff today. Call Maui Solar Project at 808-2269-2352.

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