Local Doctor Traveling to the Rio Olympics with the U.S. Wrestling Team



Local Doctor Traveling to the Rio Olympics with the U.S. Wrestling Team

Local Powder Springs, Georgia doctor, Dr. Fred Roberto, will be traveling to Rio with the United States Wrestling team as the team chiropractor and peak performance specialist.

Dr. Roberto is part of a global wellness company called Maximized Living. He has been supporting and traveling with the men’s freestyle team since 2009 as part of the wrestling contingent, including the 2012 London Olympics. Once again, everything is culminating now on the road to Rio.  

Dr. Roberto works very closely with the team delivering advanced spinal correction, advanced nutrition, mental preparedness and metabolic fitness programs to the team. These programs are designed to build strength and endurance, speed up recovery time, radically reduce the risk of injury, and most importantly to help the athletes perform at their optimal level. In a sport where there is only the slightest degree of separation between the winner and loser, it is crucial that their bodies are functioning at 100%.

“The wrestlers have responded extremely well under chiropractic care. They are really starting to see how it can enhance their performance and overall health. It is great to be a part of the preparation process these athletes go through to make it to this level of competition. As excited as I am to go to Rio, I am even more excited to have the opportunity to share these principles with my local community.” said Dr. Roberto.

The care Dr. Roberto provides to the athletes is the same care he provides in his local Powder Springs office. West Cobb Chiropractic is a Maximized Living Health Center delivering the 5 Essentials. This includes advanced spinal correction, mindset, nutrition, exercise, and detoxification.

For more information on Dr. Roberto or Maximized Living, go to www.maximizedlivingdrroberto.com.

Dr. Roberto is available for live, phone or Skype interviews. If interested, please contact Kimberly Roberto at kimroberto@comcast.net

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