Israeli Vocal Pedague and Author of 10 book received extraordinary honors in Italy

Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman, internationally renowned Vocal Pedagogue and Re-constructionist, Author of 10 books, with more than 35 years of worldwide teaching experience and Founder of the International Institute of Voice Development, Israel, LTD. has recently returned to Israel after a two-and-a-half-month Teaching and Speaking tour. She lectured at the University of Malta and at Sammut Hall in Malta, then in Sicily, Italy and the United States and taught Master Classes in Milan, Enna, Naples, Florida and New York.

On May 5. 2016, she received the International ‘Virdimura Award’ as the first Israeli Woman, for her outstanding work in the fields of Vocal Pedagogy, Human rights, against racism and Anti-Semitism of any kind, against the abuse of woman and for her efforts and accomplishments as a woman researcher in the field of Autism. 

This important event was broadcast and publicized by major newspapers, Television stations and Internet and her professional standing as a world leader in vocal pedagogy was widely acclaimed and hailed as technically innovative and life changing for singers, speakers and anyone using the vocal instrument. 

She was singled out by Professor Ignazio Vecchio and Professora Cristina Tornali, both Neurologists affiliated with the University of Catania in Sicily, as well as private and State Clinics and both deeply involved on a national and international level in the medical world. Prof. Tornali is also the President of Ain Onlus Associazione Italiana Neurodisabili and Prof. Vecchio is Vice President of the Societa’ Italiana Storia Della Medicina.

Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman also received  recognition from the “Societa’ Italiana Storia della Medicina” the oldest such society in Italy and a special plaque was conferred to her by Professore Alefio Elio Cardinale,Vice President of the Institute of Superior Sanitation, Italy , at an event at which she lectured on her Italian book ” La Voce” at the University ‘Kore’ in Enna on her work in Vocal Pedagogy   to an enthusiastic audience.

She was interviewed by major radio stations in Italy: Radio 105, Radio Monte Carlo and Radio Virgin Generation as well as Radio 105 Miami. She lectured at the Liceo Gargallo in Siracusa, at the Jewish Community in Naples and held a Master class at the University Federico II in Naples where she also appeared on an important Radio Program on the F2 radio station of the University of Naples. 

From Italy she traveled to the United States, gave a 3-day Master Class in Florida and New York followed by several weeks of private lessons and a was applauded in a Mini-Master class at a special event for Cantors of the South East Cantors Assembly at Temple Solel in Hollywood Florida. 

On Tuesday July 12. 2016 her new International Radio Program “The Voice of Peace” – Conversations with G-d” will be broadcast world wide This will be a weekly show with a multitude of guests.

Information about her work can be found at,,, and on the MJAMJA channel on You Tube. All her books and CD’s are available on

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