MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, August 2, 2016 – Osman Rashid, founder and CEO of Galxyz has announced the launch of BLUE APPRENTICE (, an intergalactic science adventure that is the first fully interactive learning experience to incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and combines science lessons with gameplay, making science and learning fun for kids.

Rashid, who previously founded the leading technology education companies Chegg, and Kno, Inc. launched Galxyz to address a negative trend in STEM education where U.S. school age children have been performing below proficient levels in science.

In conjunction with the launch of Blue Apprentice, Galxyz today announced an exclusive digital partnership with Popular Science to introduce groundbreaking science stories to kids ages 6-12. The new site,, will feature Popular Science articles and offer exclusive video content starring animated Galxyz Blue Apprentice characters. The microsite will also feature the latest news, breakthroughs and discoveries emerging in real time in the physical, life, Earth and space sciences, communicated via both brands’ signature educational, approachable style.

Over 10,000 children participated in the beta version of Galxyz Blue Apprentice and more than 250 children participated in on-site usability tests, which has led to careful enhancements to the current version. The story-based adventure game was developed by a former Electronic Arts and Disney Interactive game developer, college science professors and reviewed by highly credentialed core content experts from across the world. Working together, the Galxyz team of video game experts and educators developed an experience that provides a perfect balance between entertainment and education for kids struggling with STEM and for those who love science and want to learn more in a fun new way.

“We have put together the combination of an awesome experience like a Pixar movie, the quality of a top-notch game and exciting science standards into a package never seen before by science,” commented Rashid.

While traveling through the galaxy solving problems related to over 45 science topics, players are able to enjoy the game at their own pace without the stress of a classroom setting and stringent deadlines. Also, each decision the player makes alters the story, so every player has his or her own individual experience. The game encourages mastery of elementary science concepts and develops scientific reasoning for elementary school kids. Galxyz also sequences Next Generation Science Standards-based curriculum to make it easier for parents and teachers.

A subscription unlocks dozens of levels of gameplay in story mode, multiple sandbox levels where children can freely explore science topics, and a customization and crafting tool based on the Periodic Table of the Elements. Subscribers also receive access to all new game content, which will be continuously added by the Galxyz team.

Some notable features of Galxyz Blue Apprentice include:

  • iOS and desktop computer compatible.
  • A combination of Pixar animation and cutting-edge learning design.
  • Lessons in Physical, Life, Earth and Space Sciences.
  • Text-to-speech feature helps early readers enjoy the story
  • Evolving gameplay that changes with the decisions made by the player.

Currently, the game takes approximately 38 hours to complete.

Osman Rashid is an entrepreneur and leader in educational technology. Prior to Galxyz, Osman was a Co-Founder & CEO of Chegg, and Kno, Inc. (acquired by Intel in 2013), which developed a revolutionary interactive textbook to enhance college students’ scientific studies. He has received several honors in his professional career, including E&Y’s Entrepreneur of The Year Award (CA) 2009, Forbes Impact 15 for 2012 and Inc.’s Immigrant Edge: 9 Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs.


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