What would we do without our amazing NHS in the UK? When people are heading off for their relaxing weekends with family, many of our NHS employees will be busy helping someone else’s loved ones. So if anyone deserves a bit of extra love and attention it’s them.

Workplace health innovator StepJockey was able to reflect the appreciation of them, when they visited The Royal London Hospital (Barts Health NHS Trust) to promote their stair climbing health programmes. Staff loves using ‘World Tower Challenge’ which takes them on a tour of the world’s tallest buildings, including Burj Khlaifa (Dubai), which sits on top of the world with 2909 stairs (830 metres)! Currently the ‘Back to the Gym RLH Security’ security team lead the hospital race, but hotly contested by the uber competitive ‘Hepatology Hikers’ team.

StepJockey and the NHS are the perfect match, as they are both working towards the same goals in improving  health across the UK. StepJockey’s mission is to improve workplace health through inspiring simple behavioural changes such as taking the stairs instead of the lift. The difference this could make to everyone’s heart and health is staggering, for example, just 7 minutes of stair climbing a day reduces the risk of heart attack by 50% over 10 years!

Stair climbing is also great for preventing weight gain and is classed as ‘vigorous’ exercise, burning more calories per minute than jogging. So there are so many reasons to take the stairs – no expensive gym membership required and no additional time needed in a daily routine.

Andrew Attfield, Associate Director of Public Health at Barts Health NHS Trust, said “With cardiovascular disease one of the main causes of death and disability in the UK, it’s important to do all we can to make the environment friendly for building physical activity into our busy lives.  We know this helps reduce risk by supporting a healthy lifestyle. 

“StepJockey has been hugely popular and we have a team of employees here who are using the World Towers Challenge to train for the Marathon des Sables and raise money for our partners at London’s Air Ambulance charity.”

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