Hastings & Hastings Speaks out Against Texting While Driving

Every year accidents lead to the deaths of thousands of individuals. The National Safety Council has reported that approximately 1.6 million crashes a year can be directly attributed to a driver who was using their cellphone while driving. Distracted driving costs lives and yet is almost entirely avoidable. Hastings & Hastings has made it a goal to end distracted driving. For Hastings & Hastings, the first step in addressing distracted driving is eliminating texting while driving.

In an additional study conducted by the National Safety Council it was shown that, on average, answering a text takes approximately 5 seconds. A vehicle moving at 55 mph will travel the entire length of a football field in that span of time. The National Safety Council has gone on to state that texting while driving may be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. In fact, according to their study, a driver who is actively texting is 6 times more likely to cause an accident than a drunk driver. Hastings & Hastings finds this information a compelling case illustrating the dangers of drinking and driving.

Hastings & Hastings calls on all Arizona drivers to put away their cellphones when behind the wheel of a car. A tweet may be interesting or a Facebook status update compelling but life is priceless. The internet will still be around at the end of a commute, even a long one. Hastings & Hastings acknowledges that the disciple involved with staying off the phone can be hard to master. Hastings & Hastings advises placing the phone out of reach when driving to eliminate the temptation.

When driving, seconds matter. This is especially true for young, inexperienced drivers for whom the temptation of texting may be even more irresistible. The National Safety Council reports that teen driver are 4 times even more likely than adult drivers to be involved in an accident while texting or talking on the phone

“It is simple really. All people need to do is put down their cellphone while they are driving. I know it can be tough. I go through the same thing. People feel out of touch when they put their cellphone away. I can tell you though, being out of touch for a few minutes is much better than getting into a potentially fatal accident,” said David Hastings, the founder of Hastings and Hastings.

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