Hastings & Hastings Speaks on Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle riding can be thrilling, fun, and even practical. For many individuals, owning a motorcycle is an alternative to owning a car. Motorcycles can provide many of the same benefits of a car at significantly lower cost. Hastings and Hastings, Arizona’s Premier Discount Accident Lawyers, acknowledge the thrill and exhilaration of motorcycling ownership, but caution motorcycle owners on the dangers involved. Because motorcycles lack many of the safety features available in cars, accidents involving motorcycles have an increased likelihood of resulting in major injury or death.

Hastings & Hastings encourages good riding habits and speaks on motorcycle safety.

One of the most important factors in motorcycle safety is proper attire. It is absolutely vital that rider wear a helmet. Hastings & Hastings notes that for helmets to function properly they need to fit properly. A helmet that is too snug will be uncomfortable and could even prove dangerous in the event of an accident. A helm that is too loose would fly off in an accident leave the rider exposed. Helmets should be full-face and extend around the entire head.

In their years provided representation for accident victims, Hastings & Hastings has learned the importance of proper footwear. Motorcycle shoes should be sturdy and snug. This allows optimal control over the motorcycle and provides protection in the event of an accident.

For motorcyclists, awareness on the road is important. Hastings & Hastings speaks on the danger of blind spots. A blind spot in an area around a car that drivers cannot directly observer by looking in their rear-view or side-view mirrors. If a motorcyclist is in a driver’s blind spot, they are in danger. The nearby car could perform a lane change without ever knowing that the motorcyclist is present. Hastings & Hastings advises motorcyclists to avoid cruising in a car’s blind spot, which is typically 4-5 feet behind the vehicle on either side.

Hastings and Hastings knows that even if motorcyclists follow all proper safety precautions accidents may still be unavoidable. In the event of an accident it is important to seeking out the proper legal guidance. Contacting Hastings and Hastings for a free consultation can ensure accident victims get the protection and compensation they deserve.

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