Hastings & Hastings Focuses on Summer Safety

The calendar has flipped to June and summer has arrived in earnest. Hastings & Hastings, Arizona’s Premier Discount Accident Lawyers, knows that this is the time of year in which residents of the Valley of the Sun take to their cars to beat the heat. Whether individuals are heading out of town or simply enjoying a bit of air conditioning while taking a drive, there are summer safety concerns which should be kept in mind. Hastings & Hastings focuses on summer safety concerns.

Hastings & Hastings cautions that the safety of children is of the utmost importance, not just during summer, but all year long. However, there are specific safety concerns which become more prominent during summer. Children should never be left alone in a parked car under any circumstances. On an 80-degree day, the interior temperature of a parked vehicle can elevate to lethal temperatures in just 10 minutes. Hastings & Hastings adds one additional note: always keep a parked vehicle locked to prevent children from climbing inside and become trapped.

Individuals looking to beat the heat by heading out of town should focus on vehicle and road trip safety. Before heading out on a long trip, individuals should have their car serviced. Experiencing a break down on an empty stretch of road in the middle of nowhere will place drivers in a very dangerous situation. Ensuring that the oil has been changed, tires rotated will help prevent breakdowns. Drivers should also pack an roadside emergency kit to prepare for worst-case scenarios.

While on the drive, road trippers should must avoid distractions at all costs. Hastings & Hastings notes, drivers are primarily distracted by cellphone use. Other road trip distractions could be eating, drinking, or talking with passengers. Individuals should additionally avoid driving while drowsy. Drowsy driving has been shown to be nearly as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.

With great fun comes great responsibility. That is what summer here in Phoenix is all about. Some people drive to the waterpark while others head up to Flagstaff or Sedona for some cool breeze and outside adventure. But remember to focus on the safety concerns we have addressed today!” said David Hastings, the founder of Hastings & Hastings.

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