Hastings & Hastings Encourages Individuals to Recommit to Good Driving Habits

With the arrival of the New Year it is time to recommit to good driving habits. Hastings & Hastings, Arizona’s Premier Discount Accident Attorneys, has been fighting for the rights of accident victims in the Valley of the Sun for over thirty years. Through decades of defending accident victims, Hastings & Hastings has learned what it takes to be a safe driver. Hastings & Hastings encourages the residents of Phoenix, Arizona to use 2016 as a time to recommit to good driving habits.

Hastings & Hastings believes that good drivers combine a mastery technical driving skill with a keen sense of awareness and courtesy to other drivers.

Developing excellent technical driving skill is done through practice and experience. Highly skilled driver are able to treat that car as if it were an extension of themselves. They smoothly break and accelerate. They navigate through traffic carefully and precisely. The maintain total control over their vehicle at all times, even under adverse conditions

Hastings & Hastings advises that awareness on the road is closely linked to the skills taught be defensive driving courses. When a driver is alert and aware, they can react to the actions of other drivers is a safe and calculated manner. They can anticipate dangers and road hazards while reacting appropriately. Hastings & Hastings guides individuals interested in developing their sense of awareness to defensive driving courses which are widely available.

Hastings & Hastings further believes that good driving habits include exhibiting kindness and courtesy when on the road. Hastings & Hastings encourages drivers to be patient when out on the road. Kind drivers allow others to merge onto the highway in front of them. Kind drivers stay in the right hand land when they are travelling at a slower speed than others on the road.

“It is easy to let good habits slip over time. We think that the arrival of the New Year is a perfect time for everyone to recommit themselves to good driving habits. This is the time to take stock of what your current driving habits are, and to change them accordingly if any bad habits have developed,” said David Hastings, the founder of Hastings & Hastings.

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