Hairfor2 Brings Europe’s Most Popular Hair Thickening Spray to Canada, United States


ONTARIO, CANADA, May __, 2016—Hairfor2 is proud to announce that it is now offering its Hairfor2 Hair Thickening Spray to consumers in Canada and the United States. Known as the No. 1 hair thickening spray in Europe, Hairfor2 promises to give balding or thinning men and women a thick head of hair in minutes.

“Thinning hair is a problem that affects millions of men and women. It’s also one of the top physical traits people are most self conscious about,” said Phill Gersbach, CEO at Lilywhite Cosmetics Inc. “Until recently, there wasn’t much you could do once you started losing your hair. Now, you can use Hairfor2 Hair Thickening Spray and nobody will ever know about that bald patch at the top of your head.”

While Hairfor2 Hair Thickening Spray does require the user to have hair remaining on their scalp, it doesn’t have to be much to produce significant results. The product covers bald or thinning patches of hair by creating thousands of tiny microfiber connections between the user’s existing strands of hair. These microfiber connections are almost entirely made up of keratin, the building block of real human hair.

“Our Hairfor2 Hair Thickening Spray formula not only gives the illusion that you have a thick head of hair, but it feels real as well,” Gersbach said.

For real-life before and after examples of Hairfor2 Hair Thickening Spray in action, visit

Hairfor2 Hair Thickening Spray is produced in Germany and distributed by Lilywhite Cosmetics Inc. and comes in 10 different colors. The product is also water resistant, which means a rainy day won’t cause it to wash out.

Those interested in purchasing Hairfor2 Hair Thickening Spray can do so at Hairfor2 is offering a one-time-use coupon for 20 percent off to all customers who purchase before Oct. 31, 2016. Just enter coupon code 20OFF-HF2 at checkout inside shopping cart.

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