GasTechno Energy and Fuels Mini-GTL® Goes Commercial

GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) deploys its third generation commercial-scale Mini-GTL® plant in Michigan

Walloon Lake, MI – (July 25, 2016). GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) LLC, the exclusive licensing subsidiary of Gas Technologies LLC, recently deployed its first commercial-scale gas-to-liquids Mini-GTL® plant at the New Haven Gas Storage Facility located in Michigan. The rapid, seamless deployment of the plant exceeded even the expectations of CEO, Walter Breidenstein:

“Following final pressure testing, it took us less than one day to mobilize the 40-foot GTL in a Box® container from our Charlevoix manufacturing facility to the gas field and complete the mechanical and electrical connections. Over the next few months, we will perform extensive operational testing of the commercial plant using a range of gas feedstocks before the plant is re-located to North Dakota. Unlike our competitors who optimize their plants for steady flowrate pipeline spec natural gas, our Mini-GTL® plant has the ability to handle peak initial production and off-spec gases with high percentages of inert compounds straight from the wellhead. The ease of deployment validates our modular design philosophy of simple hardware, sophisticated software.”

The significant decline in oil prices coupled with increasingly stringent emissions regulations has oil and gas producers searching for ways to reduce costs, generate incremental revenues and meet emissions compliance requirements.  The GTL in a Box® solution, recently profiled in the July 2016 issue of Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East, can create significant value for producers by capturing and converting previously wasted flare gas or stranded gas into high-value, saleable liquids including methanol. The commercial launch of this portable, scalable solution is ideal for remote sites anywhere, including locations in the frigid Alaska tundra to the New Mexico drylands.

Dr. Lawrence Lau, recently travelled from Singapore to participate in the preferred vendor training program during start-up, commissioning and operations.  He started in July to provide valuable feedback for the training manual currently being written for future operators and plant engineers.  GasTechno® plans to hold its first operator training program in the 4th quarter of 2016 alongside workshops to construct a robust flare elimination business case for O&G producers and well-pad site planning.  Those interested in participating should contact GasTechno Energy and Fuels (USA).

“Whether you are looking for offshore or onshore flare reduction technologies, or gas monetization solutions, I’m continually amazed at how compact and elegant is the Mini-GTL® solution.  I’ve watched the progress of the technology over the past 10 years, and being a mentor for Singapore’s premier accelerator program, view the GasTechno® team as exemplifying the lean startup philosophy, achieving all their milestones on a limited but carefully managed budget,” says Dr. Lau.  “I’ve also analyzed cleantech companies from around the world and I can say that the GasTechno® process qualifies as a radical innovation, shifting the smart chemical plant right onto remote gas fields whilst being monitored from Michigan. During my time here, I look forward to sharing experiences with manufacturing vendors and potential owners as the GasTechno® team starts pitching to hundreds of flaring sites around the US.”

GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) will partner with O&G operators under a joint venture project structure or provide turnkey design, installation, operation and maintenance of the Mini-GTL® plants to help them grow their bottom lines and meet emissions compliance needs. The portable GasTechno® mini-GTL® solution can capture flares as small as 125,000 scfd and scale to meet customer needs.  

With the U.S. EPA developing comprehensive methane emission reduction regulations and both the US and Canada endorsing the World Bank Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 Initiative, the O&G sector is facing unprecedented pressure to reduce their carbon emissions or risk production well shut-ins.  To serve customers’ need to reduce flaring emissions, GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) will establish new sales offices in Houston, TX and North Dakota, respectively.  Potential customers with a serious interest to reduce flaring emissions and create incremental value for their operations using the Mini-GTL® solution may request a site visit to our commercial-scale facility in Michigan before it is relocated to North Dakota. The Mini-GTL® plant is slated for a selective public grand opening in fourth quarter 2016.

About GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) LLC

GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) LLC, a subsidiary of parent Gas Technologies LLC, has exclusively licensed advanced, revolutionary technologies for converting previously uneconomical sources of stranded natural gas and associated gas into high-value liquid fuels and chemicals. The company is headquartered in northern Michigan with operations focused in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit Mini-GTL, Micro-GTL, Methanol In A Box, Mini-GTL In A Box, GTL In A Box and GasTechno are registered trademarks of Gas Technologies LLC.

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