Fun Things to do in St. Clair


St. Clair Area in Pennsylvania welcomes guests of all ages to its serene and historic setting. This affluent residential area is also known as the Upper St. Clair. The beautiful St. Clair Area offers a relaxing atmosphere for all families and an ample of outdoor activity opportunities at nearby areas for all activity seekers. Whether you are here on a family trip or a romantic vacation, there is a lot to see, do, and enjoy near to the area, including a number of cultural points of interest and recreational activity choices for visitors of all ages.

St. Clair area is a residential community. However, just a few hours’ drive from this area, there are some beautiful lakes that offer a number of activity choices for visitors. Visitors of all ages flock in to this area to enjoy some water activities at the beach located near Lebanon and Leesport. If you have a boat, bring that to enjoy sailing at the Blue Marsh Lake. If not, just bring a few tubes so that each one in your family can enjoy and have fun in water. Swim, play, and float at these pristine lakes and have some enjoyable time.

Outdoor enthusiasts shouldn’t miss visiting the beautiful Poconos Mountain. If you are here in winter, then enjoy snow tubing, snowboarding, and skiing. This mountain is home to some excellent trails for biker and hikers. Nature lovers can stop by the Beltzville State Park for some fun, exploration, and hiking.

St. Clair area offers an amazing range of diners, restaurants, and eateries. This area is full with dozens of casual dining spots, outdoor dining areas, and al-fresco dining venues. These restaurants serve some local delicacies to cater to the need and taste of each guest. Choices also include some upscale dinner bistros, bars, and pubs. Explore the list of restaurants in Mt. Lebanon to find something interesting for you and your family. Casual American restaurants, upscale classic bar and grill, and fine dine joints are profusely found here. Dine in at any of these top restaurants and entice your gastronomy during your St. Clair visit.

After enjoying some scrumptious food at any of the restaurant in Mt. Lebanon, stop by a traditional café for some sweet treats. This area is home to some traditional ethnic café that serves delicious coffee, lip-smacking baked delights, and delicious sweet treats. Enjoy some decadent sweets, cupcakes, and hot and cold beverages before heading back to your hotel for a goodnight sleep.

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