First Time Traveling Abroad

Many people worry their first time traveling abroad. So we came up with some great tips to help make sure you trip goes smoothly so you can be a carefree traveler.

1. Make sure you apply for your passport and visa if you need it at least 4-6 months before you travel.

2. Get a travel resource book from Lonely Planet (there are other travel guides out there but this is my favorite by far) and read up on the different activities, costs, and especially hotels. You may be able to find hotels not listed on a major travel search engine that are actually better and a lot cheaper.

3. Make sure your family has your contact numbers and a basic itinerary of your travels.Also check to see if your insurance covers out of country expenses.

4. Check your flights before you head to the airport. Also know your baggage restrictions.

5. Travel with a group or meet solo travelers and use the buddy system.

6. Don’t stick out and don’t be a target for crime. Don’t carry too much cash.

7. Be safe and have fun!

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