Highly Acclaimed Poet, Musician, Author, Journalist.

Lee Underwood toured and recorded with singer/songwriter Tim Buckley in the ‘60s and early ‘70s, playing lead guitar. Today, Underwood announces the release of his second collection of poetry, Diamondfire: Selected Poems (Outskirts Press).

“One of my great joys is reading aloud for audiences who take delight in frolicking with language,” said Underwood. “They enjoy not only the literal content of words, but also the aural sensuality of them, the rhythmic undulations, the melodic cling-binging bell tones and thunderbooms above and beyond rational content.”

Poet/singer/recording artist Cyndi Dawson wrote in her Amazon review — “Lee Underwood writes with light. He writes as if he is sending that light right into his poetry in order for the reader to be absorbed into it and shine brighter for it. His poetry is not the stuff of a pessimist, but don’t be fooled by that. He writes from the perspective of someone who has been around life’s block several times and well knows what struggle is, yet chooses to uplift those he touches with his words. This generous volume of work exceeds ones expectations. He covers every dynamic of good petry. Pacing, musicality and metaphor rich with image. 
Highly recommended.”

Journalist Dalton Rhodes said, “With Diamondfire, poet Lee Underwood explores the psyche and the soul with passion and wit, merging exciting and often innovative language with human emotion that spans the spectrum of consciousness from darkland neurosis to shining white light. Underwood has a keen ear for music as well as for language. Diamondfire sums up a life brimming over with grace, wisdom, heart, and poetic intensity.”

While living in Los Angeles, Underwood served as West Coast editor for Down Beat magazine from 1975-1981. He is also the author of Blue Melody: Tim Buckley Remembered and his first book of poetry, Timewinds. As well, he has recorded two solo piano albums, Gathering Light and Phantom Light. He and his wife Sonia have lived in Oakhurst, CA for 18 years. His web site is http://www.Leeunderwood.net

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