Creative Biolabs Announces Monoclonal Antibody Caninization Service to Help Scientists in Drug Development

Thanks to the common efforts of scientists from Creative Biolabs, monoclonal antibody caninization service is now available, enabling therapeutic use of antibodies derived from any resources for dog use.

Over the years, human therapeutic antibodies have significantly improved human’s ability in fighting against disease. Therapeutic antibodies, however, have not made such achievements in pets or other important agriculture animals, such as mouse, rabbit, rat, chicken, bovine. To fulfill the application of therapeutic antibodies, Creative Biolabs developed monoclonal antibody caninization service.

Based on their expertise in antibody engineering and affinity maturation, monoclonal antibodies with a variety of species background including mouse, human, rat, rabbit, chicken and bovine, can be successfully caninized without specificity switch while with equal or higher affinity than that of original antibodies. 

In addition, antibody caninization service also provides the opportunity to test therapeutic antibodies intended for humans or other species in dog animal model. Compared to the tests in rodents, tests for the caninized form of an original antibody in dog will produce more relevant data with reference to activity, efficiency and safety of the antibody for clinical use. A clearly defined mechanism of action of the caninized antibody in dogs will significantly facilitate drug development and patent application.

“Besides antibody caninization services, we are also the only company that provides antibody murinization service and one of the best companies that provide antibody humanization service. Our scientists are aiming to help more researchers in the field of antibody drug research and development”, said Dr. Monica Müller, chief scientific officer of Creative Biolabs.

As Dr. Monica introduced, they are also the first and the only company to provide monoclonal canine antibody generation services. Based on their experience in phage display library construction and screening, scientists of Creative Biolabs have created several immunized canine antibody libraries from which they have successfully isolated a number of high affinity antibodies with panning techniques.

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