CRAVING CRUSHER: Introduces Vegan Line for the ⅓ of Consumers who Crave Plant Based Foods

Miami, Florida:

The market is demanding vegan products that taste great and do not give up any moral standards.  As noted from an article on Latest Vegan News, plant-based options are everywhere these days — from fast food menus to steakhouses. Times are changing, and if the trend-watchers are correct, it looks like 2016 will bring even more milestones for the vegan movement.
Craving Crusher LLC is proud to be part of this movement, they are a company dedicated to the manufacturing of healthy and nutritious products that has been working on developing a great tasting Clean Vegan Line for the past year. Staying true to the mission of the company of providing healthy and sustainable products at an attainable price, the Craving Crusher Vegan line is nutritious with a healthy dose of plant based protein and are Gluten Free and Non GMO.

The Vegan line is being launched with two great tasting Vegan Bar Flavors and a Clean Plant based protein and nutrition powder. The Bars will launch with a Caramel Macchiato and Cherry Cashew flavor while the powder will have a hint of natural cocoa. The Clean and Lean powder has a clean and complete profile that is non GMO and contains 15g of plant based protein per scoop, fiber, pre biotics and probiotics and contains only 2g of sugar. This healthy mix will provide people with a true complete powder that can control hunger and provide clean nutrition. All three products not only appeal to Vegans but also will serve as a delicious introduction for Non Vegans into the healthy Vegan lifestyle without compromising nutrition or taste.
“There is growing data that indicate plant based proteins can provide complete nutrition. Our goal was to deliver that nutrition along with a superior taste profile that rivals, and in my opinion, exceeds that of most animal based products. I feel that we achieved that goal and are happy to deliver all this to our customers.” said founder, Franco Devecchi Jr.
“The past five years have shown interest in veganism grow in leaps and bounds,” said  The Vegan Scholar, a 21-year-old, vegan, second-year university student from Australia.
The Nursing Degree states that “Eating a healthy vegan diet has shown to prevent a number of diseases.” Craving Crusher, LLC helps those switch to a healthy, balanced vegan way of eating.

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