CompanionLink connects GoldMine Premium Edition 2015.2 to Google, Android and iPhone using DejaOffice

Portland, Ore – CompanionLink Software is now shipping CompanionLink Professional 7.0 which provides full compatibility with GoldMine Premium Edition 2015.2. Featured is the DejaOffice App on Android and iPhone, which provides CRM capabilities like Contact mapping, categories, linked contacts, activity completion, and contact notes. DejaOffice stores the contact and calendar data on your phone, so it is always available while you travel.

 “GoldMine is the best contact management system for Small and Midsize businesses that share information between sales agents,” says Wayland Bruns, CTO for CompanionLink. “It is faster than cloud based CRM managers, and offers one-time licensing which is a great alternative to subscription services. We are pleased still support them after more than two decades. DejaOffice provides Contacts, and Calendar sync tightly integrated to GoldMine using our DejaCloud sync service. We have PC Sync and Server sync options available for GoldMine sites.”

CompanionLink Professional is $129.95, easy to set up, and will synchronize with two sync destinations like DejaCloud and Google. CompanionLink Professional features the category manager which can draw Contact and Activity data from multiple GoldMine files. For more information visit:

DoubleLook Enterprise is $749.95 for five-users and gives a server to cloud sync from GoldMine to DejaCloud or Google Calendar. The system runs in background in the office, so sales people in the field get up-to-date calendar information even when they are traveling. Visit:

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