CompanionLink Connects Act! v18 to Google, Android and iPhone using DejaOffice

Portland, Ore – CompanionLink Software is now shipping CompanionLink Professional 7.0 which provides full compatibility with Act! Premium v18 and Act! Pro v18. Featured is the DejaOffice App on Android and iPhone, which provides CRM capabilities like Contact mapping, categories, linked contacts, activity completion, notes and histories. DejaOffice stores the data on your phone, so it is available at all times while you travel.

“For 25 years Act! has defined Small Business Contact Management,” says Wayland Bruns, CTO for CompanionLink. “We are pleased to be here still supporting them after more than two decades, providing the right CRM feature set at a low cost. DejaOffice provides Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos, and is tightly integrated with Act! using our DejaCloud sync service. DejaCloud can extend your PC Act! to your phones and tablets, and to Outlook on your Mac and PC.”

CompanionLink Express is $79.95, easy to set up, and will synchronize with two sync destinations like DejaCloud and Google. CompanionLink Professional is $129.95 and features the category manager which can draw Contact and Activity data from multiple Act! files. CompanionLink Professional can be configured with five sync destinations. For more information visit:

DejaCloud sync supports DejaOffice on Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone. You can subscribe to the service directly, and this gives free access to the products mentioned above. DejaCloud service for three devices is $24.95 per quarter ($8 per month) and DejaCloud for five devices is $34.95 per quarter ($12 per month). For more information visit

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