An Important Reminder From The Desheddinator Team

The team at The Desheddinator wishes to remind pet owners that the changing seasons bring many new concerns for pet owners who are constantly striving to provide the very best for their pets. As the current season draws to an end, cooler temperatures and changing activities can cause a variety of pet health and grooming issues.

Skin conditions, which are often brought on by allergies and other environmental factors, are common during the Autumn months. These conditions include itchy hot spots, dry and flaky skin, as well as open sores caused by scratching and biting at irritated areas.
Pet owners also tend to notice dryer, less than lustrous fur and increased hair loss as their pets begin to shed summer hair while making the transition towards warmer winter coats. While this transition is normal, it can be a cause of great distress for pet dogs and cats, as well as added discomfort for owners who suffer from dander allergies.

Parasites, such as fleas and ticks, often become a more noticeable issue during this time of year,as well, because pets and their owners are spending more time involved in outdoor activities during these cooler months. This particular issue presents serious health risk for both pets and owners as these parasites can carry a variety of infectious diseases, including Lyme disease, and should be dealt with immediately as parasites tend to multiply to infestation levels quickly.

The team at The Desheddinator wishes to remind pet owners to develop a thorough regimen of pet grooming and add dietary supplements to their pet’s regular diet to assist with these issues. Regular grooming, with products like The Desheddinator 2 in 1 (a unique deshedding tool for cats, dog and other animals), has been proven to reduce the occurrence of excess hair and dander while distributing the oils needed for proper hair growth. The extra time spent on regular grooming with such a deshedding tool also gives pet owners the opportunity to bond with their companion animals while closely inspecting their pets for parasites and developing skin conditions before they become bigger problems.

The Desheddinator 2 in 1 grooming tool has been ranked third in the top five dog grooming tools by, which is a point the team is very proud of. (SOURCE: ) This positioning shows just how useful this tool is to the pet owners of the world. While there are so many dog brushes, cat brushes and other pet grooming tools available to choose from, the Desheddinator received the enviable rank of third in the world.

The Desheddinator 2 in 1 tool is available in a variety of sizes, ( small, medium and large), to assist pet owners in getting professional quality grooming results at home, no matter what size pets they choose to share their home with. With this range of available sizes, these tools can be used for grooming companion animals from hamsters to horses and everything in between.

Due to the multiple functions included, a single Desheddinator tool can replace many common single function pet grooming tools, such as combs, brushes, dematting combs and other deshedding tools, with a single tool that is convenient and easy to use while at home or traveling. This feature alone makes the Desheddinator tool line a preferred choice for many pet owners who travel with their companion animals or show their pets at events.

As a special Autumn promotion, the Desheddinator Team has decided to offer the smaller version of the Desheddinator 2 in 1 tool at a deeply discounted price that is only available through Amazon. The small Desheddinator 2 in 1 dog brush is a great replacement for typical brushes and dematting combs for small dogs, cats and other small mammals. Featuring the same rugged construction and professional grooming features of the original Desheddinator 2 in 1 tool, the smaller size deshedding tool is a great way to ensure small animals have a smoother transition into the fall months.

For more information on this and other subjects related to pet care, visit our Amazon product page or The Desheddinator website today.

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